Educating English Learners:
Language Diversity in the Classroom
By James Crawford

Educating English Learners
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5th ed., Bilingual Educational Services, 2004; 442pp + CD-ROM


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Table of Contents

Detailed Table of Contents open access
Preface open access
Introduction open access
Chapter 1. Bilingualism, American-Style excerpt full text
Chapter 2. Options for English Learners excerpt full text
Chapter 3. Language Policies in the U.S.A. excerpt full text
Chapter 4. A Forgotten Legacy excerpt full text
Chapter 5. The Evolution of Federal Policy excerpt full text
Chapter 6. English Only or English Plus? excerpt full text
Chapter 7. The Effectiveness Question excerpt full text
Chapter 8. Basic Research on Language Acquisition excerpt full text
Chapter 9. Considering Program Alternatives excerpt full text
Chapter 10. The Case Studies Project excerpt full text
Chapter 11. Indian Language Education excerpt full text
Chapter 12. Two-Way Bilingualism excerpt full text
Chapter 13. Disaster at the Polls open access
Chapter 14. No Child Left Untested excerpt full text
Chapter 15. Advocating for English Learners excerpt full text
Sources and Suggested Reading open access

Online Resource Guide 5.1 (CD-ROM)
Designed to stimulate student projects and independent study, the Online Resource Guide features both primary source materials and current articles about the theory and practice of bilingual education. The latest version includes legislation, court decisions, Congressional hearings, Census publications, historical documents, ERIC digests, and NCELA reports, along with Internet links to key research studies, online journals, resource centers, state and federal agencies, professional organizations, and a wealth of related information.

What Reviewers Said about Earlier Editions

"A fascinating glimpse into this complex policy issue [by] one of the most seasoned and astute observers of the politics of bilingual education. ... I plan to keep a  copy to lend to anyone I run across who is possessed by the many  myths about bilingualism and language policy in the U.S."
– Kenji Hakuta, Stanford University, American School Board Journal


"Interesting, informative, and exceedingly well-written. ... A valuable resource  for practitioners, policymakers, and others."
– G. Richard Tucker, Carnegie-Mellon University, NABE Journal


"An excellent review of recent research and theory." 
– Jim Cummins, Ontario Institute for  Studies in Education,
Empowering Minority Students


"Incisive ... superbly written and exquisitely organized. ... The 'fraud or libel' proceedings which U.S. English threatened ... indicate that this book pulls no punches. ...  Should be sent to every legislator and schoolboard member in the U.S.A."
– Joshua A. Fishman, International Journal of the Sociology of Language


"A noteworthy addition to the literature."
– Carlos Ovando, Indiana University, Harvard Educational Review


"The best documented, most complete, and most useful book on the issues facing bilingual eduators today. ... A 'must' for reading lists  and for the training of bilingual teachers."
– Jim Goss, Texas Tech University, TABE News
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