Diary of a Bilingual School

Diary of a Bilingual School

How a Constructivist Curriculum, a
Multicultural Perspective, and a
Commitment to Dual Immersion Education
Combined to Foster Fluent Bilingualism in
Spanish- and English-Speaking Children

By Sharon Adelman Reyes & James Crawford

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DiversityLearningK12, 2012; 6" x 9"; 136pp
ISBN: 978-0-9847317-0-1

Book Description

Dual immersion, a popular new way to cultivate bilingualism, is capturing the attention of parents and educators alike. By bringing together children from diverse backgrounds to learn each other’s languages in a natural setting, it has proved far more effective at cultivating fluency than traditional approaches.

But how do these programs actually work? What goes on in dual immersion classrooms? And what is it that makes them so effective?
Diary of a Bilingual School answers these questions with a unique mix of narratives and analysis. Depicting a year in the life of a second-grade classroom, it demonstrates what can happen when the instruction is bilingual and the curriculum is constructivist.

The book focuses on Chicago’s Inter-American Magnet School, one of the nation’s most acclaimed dual immersion programs, where children thrive in an environment that unlocks their intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. Simultaneously, without conscious effort, they become proficient in two languages and at home in a culture that differs from their own.

For those who want to discover the benefits of dual immersion for their children or for their students—or who want to learn more about child-centered approaches to teaching — Diary of a Bilingual School is a must.

Table of Contents

Preface open access
Introduction open access
Chapter 1. Making Sense of the Words — and the World open access
Chapter 2. Principles and Practices
Chapter 3. Welcome to Room 307 open access
Chapter 4. The Worms Have Arrived!
Chapter 5. Nincas and Ninfas
Chapter 6. Beetles and Butterflies
Chapter 7. Goodbye, Mrs. Bee
Chapter 8. Schooling for Life
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"Refreshing and inspiring ... If you are interested in learning how educators and parents can promote language acquisition, creating inventors who think creatively and (gasp!) even achieve excellent results on academic tests, this is the book for you."

— Carolyn Daly, Creative Educator

"The beauty of Diary of a Bilingual School is that anyone can read this book and gain something from it. Parents of bilingual children will learn tools on how to help their children's education thrive. Bilingual educators and administrators will gain insights and tips on how to create the best bilingual classroom experience possible."

— Corey Heller, Multilingual Living

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