Hold Your Tongue:
Bilingualism and the Politics of 'English Only'
By James Crawford

Hold Your Tongue
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Addison-Wesley, 1992; 336pp

Table of Contents

Preface open access
Chapter 1. Guardians of English
Chapter 2. Polyglot Boarding-House 
Chapter 3. Strangers in Their Own Land 
Chapter 4. Tribal Politics 
Chapter 5. Old Ethnics and New 
Chapter 6. Hispanophobia open access
Chapter 7. Language Rights and Wrongs 
Chapter 8. Problem or Resource?
Chapter 9. Babel in Reverse 
Conclusion: Democracy and Language


"A very important book that is more timely than ever." 
– Los Angeles Times
"Richly informative. ... A valuable discussion of the United States' past and present difficulties with intolerance and discrimination against immigrants."
– Harvard Educational Review
– Chicago Tribune
"A mature, insightful, highly readable work that is impressive in both its depth and scope. ... Even as he laments the absence of a Carl Sagan of linguistics to inspire a more lofty public debate, Crawford's ongoing work has made a major contribution toward filling the void."
– Terrence Wiley, Language in Society
"Convincingly argues that multilingualism is a significant economic resource and that English Only sends a xenophobic message to the rest of the world."
– Washington Post
"Jim Crawford's news-gathering prowess and insider's knowledge shine throughout
Hold Your Tongue. Rich in anecdotes, majestic in its sweep and scope. 
... A ground-breaking study of the English Only movement."
– Henry Cisneros, former Secretary of Housing & Urban Development


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