State Language Legislation 1999


  • English as the Official Language of Utah Proposed ballot initiative; by gathering 39,783 signatures, proponents brought the issue before the House; DEFEATED, 43-31, on 1/21/99, but with an additional 27,405 signatures the measure could be brought directly to the November 2000 ballot
  • HB 241 Official English declaration that, with a few exceptions, bans "all official documents, transactions, proceedings, meetings, or publications" in other languages; referred to committee
  • SJR 3 English Plus resolution

English-Only Legislation Killed By House Vote
Salt Lake Tribune, 22 January 1999

'English-Only' Bills Spur Lots of Talk
Deseret News, 20 January 1999

Y. Professor Criticizes 'English Only'
Deseret News, 15 January 1999

English Only Bill Still on Track, Rowan Insists
Salt Lake Tribune, 13 January 1999

Utah Legislature