Exhibit A


At LEVEL A, a student can do fewer than half the skills listed in LEVEL B.

At LEVEL B, a student can:

    1. tell his or her name and age.

    2. identify family and common school personnel, classroom objects, basic body parts, common pets, and fruits.

    3. use present tense verb "to be."

    4. use regular plurals.

    5. answer simple "yes/no" questions appropriately.

    6. follow simple directions involving basic positions in space.

At LEVEL C, a student can:

    1. identify common occupations, clothing, farm animals, and foods.

    2. express himself or herself using the present progressive tense (he or sheis working) of common


    3. use negatives and subject pronouns correctly.

    4. use mass nouns appropriately.

    5. follow the teacher's directions related to identifying positions on a page.

    6. repeat simple sentences correctly.

    7. comprehend and remember major facts of a simple story.

At LEVEL D, a student can:

    1. identify modes of transportation and household items.

    2. name the days of the week.

    3. describe common weather conditions.

    4. use possessive pronouns correctly.

    5. ask simple future tense questions.

    6. understand and express comparative and quantitative concepts.

    7. follow the teacher's directions involving movement in space.

    8. repeat complex sentences correctly.

    9. understand and identify moods in a simple story.

    10. express himself or herself using the present and future tenses.

    11. express creative thoughts in complete sentences.

At LEVEL E, a student can:

    1. identify content area vocabulary.

    2. use superlatives and past tense correctly.

    3. understand and name opposites of key words.

    4. ask past tense questions.

    5. discriminate differences in closely paired words.

    6. describe and organize the main properties of common objects.

    7. identify the main idea and descriptive details of a story or TV show.

At LEVEL F, a student can:

    1. identify the seasons and unusual occupations.

    2. use conditional tense of verbs.

    3. discriminate fine differences in closely paired words.

    4. express himself or herself using past tense correctly.

    5. comprehend and predict the outcome of a story.

    6. recall and retell the main facts of a story.

    7. explain positive and negative attributes of friendship.

    8. share meaningful personal experiences.

Note:The competencies noted above are sampled in the test levels. The Level Summary is only an indicator of the oral language competencies the student possesses.

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