State Language Legislation 1999


Anti-Bilingual Initiative Ballot measure proposed by "English for the Children - Arizona," closely modeled along the lines of California's Prop. 227 and bankrolled by the same sponsor, Ron Unz. PETITION DRIVE LAUNCHED 1/6/99; REQUIRES 101,762 VALID SIGNATURES OF REGISTERED VOTERS BY 7/6/00 TO QUALIFY FOR THE NOVEMBER 2000 BALLOT.
    Showdown Over Language
    Arizona Republic, 7 January 1999

Navajo Nation Council Resolution "strongly opposing" English-only initiative, adopted unanimously, 20 July 1999.
    Council Slams Door on "English Only"
    Navajo Times, 22 July 1999

SB1001 A bilingual education reform proposal by Sen. Joe Eddie Lopez that, unlike most bills so entitled, actually promises to improve education for LEP children: strengthens schools' accountability for student progress in English; expands parental rights to choose between educational alternatives; tackles the bilingual teacher shortage; and encourages programs that cultivate fluent bilingualism. PASSED SENATE, 3/17/99

HB2387 Republican approach to "bilingual education reform"; would limit students' participation to 3 years. PASSED HOUSE, 3/10/99

Chapter 249 Compromise bill; authorizes a study of legislative options on bilingual education, setting the stage for further action in 2000. SIGNED INTO LAW BY THE GOVERNOR, 5/17/99
     Compromise Bilingual Education Bill Would Give Parents New Rights
     Associated Press, 4 May 1999

Arizona Legislature

English Only' Amendment Hits `End of the Road' in High Court Justices refuse to hear appeal by Arizonans for Official English.
Arizona Daily Star, 12 January 1999
     Full text of Arizona Supreme Court's decision (requires Adobe Acrobat)