San Francisco Examiner

Thursday, March 5, 1998

Parents for Bilingualism

Regarding your report "Bilingual education clobbered in poll" (Feb. 27), about Proposition 227, the Ron Unz initiative that seeks to end bilingual education in California:

Prop. 227 would eliminate parental choice in deciding which programs work best for their children.

My daughter attends Fiesta Gardens International school, a Spanish Immersion school in San Mateo. We have chosen to put our child into a program that will enable her to become bilingual.

This program is terrific. It will give my child more options when competing in a global economy.

Should 227 pass on June 2, my choice as a parent will be taken away as 227 dictates that this program cannot exist.

Prop. 227 also undermines local school boards' rights to determine educational policy. What will be on the ballot next? Eliminate algebra, evolution, sex education?

What happens when California businesses need bilingual employees in order to compete in a global marketplace? They will not be able to draw from the pool of students coming out of California schools.

Please read the fine print. Vote no on 227.

San Mateo