Los Angeles Times

Friday, March 6, 1998

Unz Fears the "Chaos" of Democracy

Re "Alpert-Firestone: Recipe for Chaos," Commentary, Feb. 26:
     Could anything have revealed the self-serving motivation behind Ron Unz's crusade against bilingual education more than his petulant diatribe against legislation which seeks to place control of bilingual programs in the hands of locally elected school boards?
     Unz lectures that school board elections create a "chaos" which is antithetical to sound policy-making. But his real issue is apparent: After manipulating the hot-button issue of bilingual education to position himself as the savior of public education--a tactic he deplores in others--he is quite put out over the possibility he might be rejected in favor of the chaotic process known as democracy.
     If Unz is sincere about improving the education of all of our children, then I challenge him to stop electioneering on behalf of his long-term political ambitions, and do what the overwhelming number of us who are parents of children in the public schools do: Go to a school, roll up your sleeves and make a difference child by child.
     Los Angeles