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Attention Latinos:
Oppose Bilingual Education, Win $10,000!

Linda Chavez and her so-called Center for Equal Opportunity are sponsoring "civil rights" litigation seeking to eliminate bilingual education programs in the the Albuquerque Public Schools and to declare New Mexico's Bilingual Multicultural Education Act unconstitutional. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of seven Albuquerque families, purports to represent the views of numerous parents especially Latinos who are dissatisfied with bilingual education.

Yet recruiting parents as plaintiffs in this suit seems to be an uphill struggle. Incentives other than a sincere concern for children appear to be necessary as indicated by the following leaflet, which was distributed at some Albuquerque schools this spring.


Hispanic New Mexican, Native Americans, Anglos and others. APS receives over 13 million dollars for bilingual education for the west side, north and south valley. The program does NOT exist! It's a sham. Don't let APS exploit your students. Join parents in a lawsuit. Our lawyers are working free of charge. Your child stands to receive $10,000 for damages and discrimination.

Our child's name is ________________ and attends __________ school at
APS. He/She is in the ____ grade.

(Please check item that applies to your student.)
Our child speaks English ___. Our child speaks Spanish ___. Our child is bilingual ___.
The school led us to believe that bilingual education was mandatory ___.
We were not told that our student could opt out of the bilingual program ___.
Our student has been in bilingual education for ___ years.
Because of bilingual education, our student can carry a good conversation in Spanish ___
In spite of bilingual education, our student cannot carry a conversation ___
My student is Anglo Saxon ___ Native American ___ Asian ___ Hispanic ___ Other ___
We want our child to participate in this lawsuit against APS ___.
______________________ Address __________________ Albuquerque, NM
(parents or guardians)
          Zip code ____ Telephone # ______

Please sign and return form by April 7, 1998 to:

David Standridge, Atty at Law
2501 San Pedro NE Suite 107
Albuquerque, NM 87110

For more information on the Albuquerque case, see "Bilingual Wars Escalate," by Patrisia Gonzales and Roberto Rodriguez